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[Post: 19/10/2016]
As scheduled in their business trip to Japan from October 10 to October 15, last October 12, the delegation from Thu Duc College of Technology, including Vice President Nguyen Xuan Toan and three other members from Faculty of Information Technology, visited and had a meeting with representatives of Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology (TMCIT) in their Arakawa Campus in Tokyo.

In the meeting, Mr. Masao Tahara, President of TMCIT, introduced to TDC’s delegation the history and development process of the college. Besides, Mr. Norio Furuya, an education and training specialist, presented the Kosen model which is being applied in TMCIT. This model is highly appreciated by OECD, and it helps to provide high quality workforce to the Japanese industry. With the rate of 100% students from TMCIT can have suitable jobs to their majors after graduating and are offered to work in leading enterprises in the industry field in Japan, TMCIT continuously gain its reputation in Tokyo and in Japan. Besides, Prof. Waka Bayashi, Department of Information and Telecommunication Engineering, also introduced to the delegation an overview of the department and its majors. 

The working program between TMCIT and TDC was held in two sessions. In the morning session, the two colleges exchanged information to learn about and understand each other, as the basis for the proposals for future cooperation between the two colleges. In the afternoon session, the TDC’s delegation visited practicing rooms of such majors as Electronics, Telecommunications, Aviation, etc. The delegation also attended a thesis report of TMCIT’s students.

At the end of the working day, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Toan, TDC's Vice President, sent his thanks to TMCIT for giving TDC an opportunity to visit and work with the college. He also expressed TDC's hope to connect and cooperate with TMCIT in the future.

Some photos taken in the working day:

The meeting between TDC and TMCIT

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Toan - TDC's Vice President gave present to Mr. Masao Tahara - TMCIT's President

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