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[Post: 28/06/2017]
In the morning of June 15th, the Institute for European Cooperation and Development (IECD) in cooperation with Thu Duc College of Technology (TDC) organized a Career Orientation Workshop to introduce the cooperating projects between IECD, TDC and Ho Chi Minh City Technical Economics College (HOTEC) to related parties.

The workshop was attended by Mr. Pham Minh Hong - Head of the Section for INGO Affairs - HUFO, Mr. Do Thanh Van - Deputy Head of Vocational Training Division – DOLISA, Mr. Nguyen Kim Luyen – Professional Training & University Education Division – DOET, Mr. Thomas Behaghel - IECD Director of Southeast Asia, Ms. Vuong Diem Thuy Blais - IECD Vietnam Representative, representatives from HOTEC, local government units, shelters, open houses, social organizations, etc. together with the leaders and staff of Thu Duc College of Technology.

The workshop introduced projects that IECD has been implementing, including: the Projects on training the management skills and support small enterprises (MSE), the Seed of Hope Project and the Bakery Project. In the Seed of Hope project, IECD cooperated with TDC and HOTEC to train two majors: Power Delivery for Industrial and Civil Building, and Automotive Maintenance and Repair. These majors are for junior high school graduates. Accordingly, students have the opportunity to study under the program designed with the support of foreign experts, participate in internship programs, work in large enterprises and are supported to develop soft skills such as communication skills, job search, English, etc. with 100% refundable tuition fees. This is a project that IECD has been implementing in some developing countries in Africa and Asia.

In addition, the Bakery Project of IECD in cooperation with TDC also received much attention from the guests attending the workshop. This project is for young people with difficult family backgrounds aged 18-22 with subsidized tuition. Upon successful completion of the course, trainees will be supported to find jobs at restaurants, hotels and industrial production facilities or to start their own businesses.

Being the chairmen of the workshop, Mr. Thomas Behaghel, Ms. Vuong Diem Thuy Blais and Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly – TDC President received many questions related to the introduced projects from representatives of organizations, shelters, and open houses. This demonstrated the interest of stakeholders in career projects targeting at junior high school graduates and disadvantaged children. The issues related to the policy regime, employment opportunities and conditions for admission to these disciplines were all answered satisfactorily by the chairmen.

After the workshop, the guests also visited some practicing rooms and laboratories for the projects of Thu Duc College of Technology.

Some photos taken at the workshop:

An overview of the workshop
From the left: Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly – TDC President, Ms. Vuong Diem Thuy Blais – Mr. Thomas Behaghel as the chairmen of the workshop
Mr. Pham Van Loi – Head of Industrial Electricity Academic Branch – Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering introduced the training of Power Delivery for Industrial and Civil Building major at TDC
Mr. Nguyen Cong Thanh – Vice Dean of Faculty of Automotive Engineering of HOTEC introduced their Automotive Maintenance and Repair major

The guests asked questions at the workshop
Mr. Do Thanh Van – Deputy Head of Vocational Training Division – DOLISA spoke at the workshop
The guests took photos at the end of the workshop

The guests visited the the practicing rooms

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