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[Post: 28/08/2014]
In the afternoon of 12 August 2014, representatives of Central College (Australia) experienced their first time to visit and work with Thu Duc College of Technology. During the meeting, both sides exchanged information as well as discussing the upcoming plan for the Australian training program in Vietnam. 

The meeting between representatives of Central College (Australia) and TDC

Central College has been long known as one of the leading colleges speacializing in economy and technology under the administration of West Australia’s government. On their visit to TDC, representatives of Central College expected to build up a bilateral cooperation project; parts of which would consist of the application of advanced teaching methods and technologies, teacher exchange programs… in accordance with the correlation between both sides’ majors and training programs. In particular, students would be awarded 2 certificates of graduation after completing the cooperative training program and thus would have more job opportunities in both domestic and foreign companies.   

Speaking at the meeting, representatives from TDC’s Departments/Faculties/Centers also discussed many issues related to the teaching programs, graduation requirements and especially vocational training tailored to corporate needs.

In the age of integration, the international training cooperation is vital to the innovation of training programs as well as the standardization of teachers in order to enhance the educational quality and meet the social needs. This move will also pave the way for TDC’s long-term strategies and objectives.

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