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[Post: 12/11/2014]
October 31, 2014 - Center for Human Resources Training & Corporate Relations of TDC hold the signing ceremony of cooperation between the College and Caganu Retailer Group. The ceremony has marked the first stage of long-term cooperation between the College and the Group, as well as reflecting the College’s effort in looking for training and working environments for students after graduation.

Master Nguyen Thi Ly – TDC’s President and Mr Nguyen Quang Huy – Caganu Group’s President & CEO (left) were at the signing ceremony.

The signing ceremony took place with the attendance of Caganu Group’s management, TDC’s management and Heads of Departments/ Faculties/Centers within the College. Speaking at the ceremony, representatives of both parties expressed their wish to maintain a favorable and effective cooperation program.

As agreed in the mutual cooperation program, TDC’s staff, lecturers and students will be able to visit and undergo practical training at the Group. On the other hand, the Group will collaborate with TDC to organize events, seminars, exchanges, career guidance programs, employment festivals... as well as cooperating with TDC in the field of application research and technological development.  Canagu Retailer Group has been committed to offering a prospective environment facilitating the students’ learning and training and providing human resources as expected by the College, enterprises and society.

Representatives of both parties at the signing ceremony

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