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[Post: 06/05/2015]
70 students of Thu Duc College of Technology have just finished their field trip to Ajinomoto Vietnam Company (Bien Hoa Industrial Park, Dong Nai Province) in the morning of April 24. The field trip was seen as an opportunity for TDC’s students to be familiar with real working environment as well as a memorable experience.

Like the previous corporate field trips, this one has attracted the interest of a large number of students. The professional, active and friendly working environment has drawn the students’ attention from the very beginning. All of the students were well equipped with working safety equipment and were in conformity with regulations during their visit to the production line at the company. They also had a chance of listening to the responsible persons sharing and answering questions related to job opportunities at the company. One of the emphasized issues was that students should accumulate and improve their expertise and cultivate necessary soft skills during their college time. Besides, students should take advantage of their probation period at the companies to learn things by themselves.

TDC’s students are visiting Ajinomoto Vietnam Company 

TDC’s students are in the meeting with the company’s representatives. 

A souvenir photos of TDC’s students and the company’s representatives 
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