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[Post: 12/05/2014]

Thu Duc College of Technology (TDC) Appointed Its Lecturer to the Course in Improvement of Educational Research Competencies in Brunei Darussalam

From April 5 to April 20, 2014 – Master Phan Le Vinh Thong – Dean of Faculty of English (TDC) has participated in the course in essential research competencies for innovative policymakers under the fully-funded scholarship offered by Ministry of Education and Training and in coordination with SEMEO VOCTECH in Brunei Darussalam.

The training course was held in 2 weeks and consisted of a variety of seminars related to: the relationship between educational research and policies; aspects of educational research that a policymaker should know; specific skills such as selection of research topics, research methods and techniques, data collection and analysis, data presentation and interpretation; skills in writing an individual action plan… In addition, course participants could also enjoy the extracurricular activities, exchanges and learning of cultures of Asian countries. It was compulsory for the course members to master English and learning skills in order to catch up with the lectures, discuss with foreign classmates and deliver presentations on the course topics.

It was a great honor that TDC was the only college on a nationwide basis to be chosen to appoint its lecturer to the course. This course has been of special interest to the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and the Brunei’s press. “This is a wonderful and useful course for those conducting research on policies as well as for educational officers and lecturers”, Mr. Phan Le Vinh Thong shared.

After finishing the course, all members have successfully learned certain research methods, acquired skills in research completion and application of research outcomes in the consultation of educational policies. 

Lecturers and course members from different countries

Mr. Phan Le Vinh Thong was introducing Vietnam and Thu Duc College of Technology to the course participants.

Pham Vu Luan – Minister of Education and Training - was visiting the course.

Brunei press delivered information about the course.  

Group work in preparation for the presentation 

Extracurricular activities and cultural exchanges 

Certificate of Completion
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