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[Post: 31/12/2015]
From December 21, 2015 to January 10, 2016, students of Thu Duc College of Technology will have a chance to meet and join some cultural exchange activities with 20 volunteer students from Yeungnam University College. Participating in these activities, students from the two colleges can experience and learn the culture of Vietnam and Korea as well as doing meangingful volunteer work.

Thu Duc College of Technology and Yeungnam University College have had close relationship during the past years. The cultural exchange program between the two colleges is held annually, which helps enhance the relationship and create a warm and friendly environment for students to play and study together. Joining such activities as teaching Korean, learning Vietnamese, playing Vietnamese and Korean traditional games, experiencing Vietnamese and Korean food, planting trees, gathering garbage and music festival, students can get closer to each other.

On their first day Vietnam, students of Yeungnam University College were cordially welcomed, which promised an interesting and meaningful trip.

Students of the two colleges took photo together
Students exchanged their information
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