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[Post: 24/07/2013]
Sungkyunkwan University visited Thu Duc College of Technology

TDC’s students will be honored to welcome post graduate students from Sungkyunkwan in 2 weeks from 18th July to 1st August. On July 19th, 2013 they came to visit TDC’s school board and discuss about the program.
In order to create culture exchange and Korean speaking environment for students, recently Faculty of Korean of TDC has welcomed many universities and colleges from Korea. Being at TDC for 2 week, students from Sungkyunkwan will have a chance to discover the custom, tradition of Vietnam. Besides, culture exchange program, teaching Korean and learning Vietnamese, they also combine market investigation and field trip to enterprises.
With the hospitality, TDC is very happy to support Sungkyunkwan University during the time at Vietnam.

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