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[Post: 20/11/2014]
In the afternoon of 14 November 2014, the Final Round of Variety Festival to welcome Vietnam Teacher’s Day and TDC’s 30th Anniversary took place with a wide variety of colorful and impressive performances.

To be qualified for the final round, 27 performances had to pass hundreds of other performances including solos, duets, modern dances and so on. On the whole, this year’s musical variety performance was so well prepared and performed that the jury found it not easy to make their decisions. 

Hundreds of students were present at Hall H to cheer and enjoy 27 best performances selected from the variety festival. Along with youthful and strong moves of modern dancing, hand-held fans, lotuses and ao dai also appeared in traditional dancing performances and meaningful songs about schools, teachers and friends.  

One of the special features of this year’s festival was the enthusiastic participation of new students. It was their innocence, diffidence and first moments in an absolutely new environment that brought about the diversity, fascination and colorfulness for the variety festival. 

The festival was not only regarded as a meaningful activity to celebrate Vietnam Teacher’s Day 20-11 and TDC’s 30th Anniversary but it was also an opportunity for students to express their musical talent. This would be a great source to be added to the College’s performing unit.  

Some photos of the variety festival:

The jury of Final Round’s variety festival to welcome Vietnam Teacher’s Day 20-11 and TDC’s 30th Anniversary

Modern dancing performance

A traditional dancing performance

“My hometown” dancing performance

A duet performance
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