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[Post: 29/03/2013]

Morning 28 March, 2013, Youth Union, Red Cross of TDC collaborate with Blood Donation Center of HCMC Red Cross to organize voluntary blood donation program in lobby of hall H. The program received enthusiastic response of staff, especially the union members to participate in blood donation. This is one of the volunteer activities in Youth Month to celebrate the 82 anniversary of the establishment of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (26 March, 1931 - 26 March, 2013).

The number of members registered and involved nearly 300 donors, collected more than 107 units of 250 ml of blood, 47 units of 350 ml of blood, more than 4 units of 450 ml of blood. At this time, Blood Donation Center limited to receive the blood group B due to bad weather which affect to the health of blood donors. So, time takes place between 07g00 09g00. Doctor Phan Hong Anh, captain of Team No. 2 mobile blood donation center, said: "I am really impressed with the volunteer spirit of the students. When you give blood to save people, you completely carefree, do not expect anything. I was also touched to see that the face seemed disappointed you do not meet the requirements or have blood group B which is the excess blood in our blood bank. "

As five times voluntary blood donation before, Nguyen Thanh Duy (CD10CKM1) has donated 450 ml with the spirit of openness, enthusiasm and community life. Duy’s action also get the resonance and the consensus of the majority of the team members. They all understand: "Donating blood to save people is a noble gesture."
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