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[Post: 30/11/2013]
In the morning of  Novemeber 11st, 2013 Thu Duc College of Technology was celebrated  31st
Anniversary of  Vietnam Teacher’s Day ceremony to honor the teachers who contributed dedication  to national education. 
The event received much attention of DOET, HCMC Educational Union, business associations, retired personnel, school leaders and TDC staffs.

Special guest of the ceremony 

Mr. Ton That Tin – Chairman of School Union is reporting the result of Teacher’s Day completion. 

Party of Thu Duc College of Technology received certificate of merit for  for the "Good implementation and following Ho Chi Minh ethics” for two consecutive years

TDC received the flag emulation for performance "Complete outstanding tasks for the 2012-2013 school year"

Mr. Thanh and Mrs. Huong were awarded “For the cause of Education” by DOET.

Mr. Luu Duc Tien had a speech at the event about the result and plan for future.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly expressed her thank you to all the staffs and hoped that TDC will educate people successfully.

Dr. Nguyen Toan awarded 6 persons who achieved certificate of HCMC for 2 continuous years.

Ms. Tham - on behalf of more than 6.000 students sent thank you to all the teachers.

TDC staff recieved certificate from the school.
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