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[Post: 14/05/2013]

Under the direction of the Ministry of Education and Training, in the afternoon of May 08, 2013, the delegation of the World Bank and Moet has visited and worked with Thu Duc College of Technology. 
                                                  The representatives of World Bank and Moet 

The meeting was held with the participation of representatives of School Board: Dr. Nguyen Toan - President, MA Nguyen Thi Ly_ Vice President, MA Vo Long Trieu – Vice President. World Bank and Moet representatives are Mr. Michael, Ms. Sophie, Ms Lan Anh and Ms Dung.
The members of World Bank and Moet
(From the left: Ms. Dung, Mr. Micheal, Ms. Lan Anh and Ms. Sophia)

World Bank (WB) is one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations about Educational Cooperation of Vietnam. With the goal 'education for the world’, the members of the World Bank would like to bring to students learning opportunities and access to latest technologies. This visit is considered as a field trip to better understand about students, working style, training programs and management system to have consistent policies in implementing educational projects. World Bank and Moet’s members discussed with representatives of the School Board about learning and training especially enrollment method, training fields, curriculums, evaluation methods, the number of students graduation and job opportunities after graduation. School Board representatives answered all the issues for  World Bank and Moet, emphasized the special attention to the quality of the training and look for employment opportunities for students after graduation and invest to get the best results.

Mr. Nguyen Toan – President of Thu Duc College of Technoloy is answering questions from       World Bank and Moet
At the end of the meeting, members of the World Bank are pleased and thank for welcome of the School Board. Thereby, the members of the World Bank are willing to work with Thu Duc College of Technoly about training project in the future. 
                                                                                                                 (Center of Information - Library) 

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