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[Post: 29/08/2014]

In the morning of 16 August 2014, Thu Duc College of Technology (TDC) was holding a dialogue between the College and Corporations, thereby executing the signing of corporate training agreements with the aim of meeting the social demands. Master Nguyen Thi Ly, the College’s President, was in charge of hosting the dialogue and executing the signing.

The dialogue and signing ceremony were attended by Mr Le Van Nhung – representative of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, Mr Lan Van Quan – Office Head of Vocational Education & Universities under Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training, heads of the College’s Departments/Faculties/Centers and representatives of 10 corporations within the city as well as in neighboring provinces.      

Overview of the dialogue and signing ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Master Nguyen Thi Ly, the College’s President, expressed her desire to listen to opinions and comments from the corporations during the direct dialogue between the College’s management and corporate representatives. “The opinions and contributions of attending corporations will be the foundations for the College to innovate the teaching methods and modify the training programs to provide the human resources in line with social needs, said the President.

Master Nguyen Thi Ly was speaking at the ceremony

During the dialogue, the issue of particular interest to most corporations was the cultivating and training of students’ working attitude and manner before they started working in a real corporate environment. “It is not the students’ expertise but their serious working attitude and manner that would be recognized and highly appreciated by corporations”, a corporate representative insisted.

A corporate representative was commenting at the meeting.

The signing ceremony took place right after the end of the dialogue with the participation and witness of invited guests. TDC has signed the cooperative agreements with 5 corporations including: I.P.L Corporation, Dai Phuc An Gia One-member Company Limited, Bach Khoa Computer Company, Dai Luc International One-member Company Limited and Nu Cuoi Viet Company Limited; in which TDC’s staffs, lecturers and students would be able to visit, practise and cooperate with such corporations. In addition, the College also signed the cooperative training agreements with 2 other corporations consisting of Tan Thanh Container Corporation and Vien Dong Phuong Nam Company Limited for providing human resources in the field of mechanics and communication & computer network.

Mr Lam Van Quan – Office Head of Vocational Education & Universities was speaking at the signing ceremony.

Photos of the signing ceremony between TDC and Corporations

Flowers from TDC’s management

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