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[Post: 28/01/2016]
On January 09, 2016, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly – President of Thu Duc College of Technology together with the lecturers and students of the college held a welcome meeting to representatives and students of Osaka Province, Japan.

In the meeting, students of the two countries gave presentations about their schools and some special aspects in their cultures such as clothing, food, festival, etc. Besides, they could also enjoy the traditional dance performance of Vietnam and Japan.

The visit provided an opportinity for students of Thu Duc College of Technology and Osaka Province to learn and experience the new culture. It also encouraged the closer cooperation and relationship between Ho Chi Minh City and Osaka Province in many aspects in the future.

Beside Thu Duc College of Technology, the Osaka delegation also visited some other high schools in Ho Chi Minh City.

Some photos taken at the meeting:
Student of Osaka Province gave presentation

Traditional dance performances from the two countries

Students took photo together

 Visiting the warehouse of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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