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[Post: 27/05/2014]

In the morning of 20 May 2014, TDC’s delegation of good vocational teachers attended the Opening Ceremony of the 8th Competition of Good Vocational Teaching – Ho Chi Minh City – 2014. The competition was held by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training at Phu Lam Technical and Economic College with the aim of creating good conditions for teachers to exchange their professional knowledge as well as to share their experience and teaching methods. Moreover, this competition was also a chance to discover and select good vocational teachers to represent the city at the National Competition of Good Vocational Teaching, which was expected to be organized in 2015.


TDC’s leaders and good vocational teachers receive the honorary flag from the Board of Organization

Overview of the Opening Ceremony

Participating in the City’s Competition of Good Vocational Teaching - 2014,  TDC’s delegation consisted of 6 teachers which would compete in teaching subjects: Finance-Accounting, English, Tourism, Information Technology and Electricity – electronics. These were teachers selected from the College’s Competition of Good Vocational Teachers which was held in April 2014.

Right after the opening ceremony, teacher candidates started their first competition stage with the general knowledge testing. In this competition, the Board of examiners would evaluate each teacher candidate through 3 criteria: theory, teaching methods and situation handling. 

Performers of TDC’s Labor Union are performing at the Opening Ceremony

The teaching period of Ms Dao Thi My Chi – TDC in the afternoon of 20 May 2014

(Trung tâm Thông Tin - Thư Viện)
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