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[Post: 22/07/2016]
Thu Duc College of Technology has more than 30 years history of establishment and development. It was previously Thu Duc Technical Education and Vocation Center established in 1984. The school was officially named Thu Duc College of Technology in 2008.

With the motto “Always renew to develop”, the school always strives and attempts to enhance the training quality, with the purpose of being an educational institution to train highly qualified human resources, contributing to the industrialization and modernization process of the city and the whole country.

Currently, the college trains 11 majors for College level (3 years) and 18 majors for Vocational level (2 years) with a total number of over 7,000 current students in such fields as Information Technology, Electrical – Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automation Technology, Business Administration, Accounting, Tourism, Restaurant, English and Korean Language.

The college has a campus of more than 50,000m2 with modern and spacious facilities that are maintained and upgraded every year, including: theory classrooms, practicing rooms, workshops, soccer, volleyball and tennis playground, etc. All of these are for the requirements of learning, researching and training of our officials, teachers and students.

The total number of the college’s lecturers and academic staff is more than 300. Most of the lecturers meet the required standards for academic knowledge and methodology. The training program is continuously updated and innovated to meet the requirements of social development. The students are able to learn and practice in an active and friendly environment where they can develop their creativity through academic activities, clubs and volunteer work. Besides, the college also offers different scholarships and has many policies to support the learning process of the students.

Thu Duc College of Technology is doing its best to reach the advanced standards in the Southeast Asia by 2020.

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