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[Post: 30/03/2013]
With the motto "ALWAYS RENEW TO DEVELOP", the college has had the process of the formation, development and long-term stable. It was established on  August 13th,1984, was called with the name Center for Technical Education and vocation Thu Duc by decision number 215/QD/UB of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh.  On May 27th, 2002 Committee of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee issued decision to allow transfer  Center for Technical Education and vocation Thu Duc to Thu Duc College of Technology and professional (2 years). On Sep 24th 2008, Minister of Ministry of Education and Training Committee issued Decision No.6426/QD-BGDDT about establishing The Thu Duc College of Technology (3 years)  on the base of The Thu Duc college of  technology and profession.

From the date established until now, the college has trained thousands of students whose level of technical expertise - professional from primary to technicians,  contributing to the development of Ho Chi Minh city as well as the other provinces and cities nationwide. The college is a reliable address for many candidates to choose from in enrollment each year. With the development of comprehensive and maintaining trust with society in the quality of education, the college is now one of the units of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City to invest, create the conditions to increase high-quality training programs through collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic.

Training students to become professional workers, having professional knowledge, skilled and stable work  and has had a suitable job after leaving is the goal of college.
Every year, businesses are located in the locality of the Ho Chi Minh city  as well as the surrounding areas regularly the college to recruit staff and order improving advanced technical and professional knowledge, business, technology skills and teaching Information technology, foreign language... for civil servants - employees.

To apply the prestige which the entire lectures of the college are learning to improve their professional skills. 100% lecture have university degrees, over 40% post-graduate, professional good capability, having experience, enthusiasm, responsibility in teaching. M,any lecturers has achieved or graduated in South Korea, Germany, Singapore.

Locating on a hill is located in the centre of Thu Duc district, with an area of over 51,000 m2, the college has  spacious infrastructure, broadly, cool climate all year round, the diversified infrastructure, variety about  technical equipment, and modern media for teaching aids; and so much more conditions for student to learning, physical training, activities and entertainments. Each year the college has invested billions to enhance equipment and upgrade facilities to apply the needs of learners, to implement well the slogan "ALWAYS INOVATE TO DEVELOP”