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[Post: 28/12/2016]
In the morning of December 2nd, the Conference of Presidents of schools in the REG100 Project in Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam was organized at Thu Duc College of Technology with the attendance of Mrs. Tran Thi Mai Yen - Director of Centre Régional Francophone dAsie-Pacifique (CREFAP), Mr. Tran Van Nich – Director of Department of Teachers and Vocational Training Managers - MOLISA, and leaders of 29 schools involved in the project of the 3 countries. The conference aimed to improve the compatibility between training and working in Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam according to the approaching capacity method (APC), evaluate the process and quality of the implementation of the standards, share experience between partners in the implementation of the standards, educational programs as well as suggesting support from the project.

This is the first time 29 schools in the project in 3 countries sat together to identify and suggest new directions for the development of the project. Over 5 years of implementation, the schools confirmed the effectiveness that the APC method brought not only to sectors within the framework of the project but also to other sectors and fields. However, the schools also seriously identified their difficulties in implementing the project. Therefore, in the future, the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF), Association for the Promotion of Education and Training Abroad (APEFE) and relevant Ministries of all 3 countries will support and continuously participate in the activities of maintaining and expanding the project by specific ways: supporting training experts, holding training workshops for schools managers, improving facilities for teaching, considering and modifying the compatibility between evaluating under APC method and current regulations, inviting businesses to engage in compilation of situation exercises, etc.

REG100, an educational project under the approaching capacity method, is in the cooperation program for developing vocational education in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia under the support of OIF, APEFE and Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI). It is particularly expected to solve the problem about the needs of human resources with high standards of skills, knowledge and working attitude in the labour market of 3 countries in the project, as well as other countries in the region and in the world. 

Thu Duc College of Technology is one of the first 4 schools in the country engaged in the pilot educational model under the approaching capacity method in the REG100 Project with two majors: Supermarket Management and Logistics Management. The project appreciates the effectiveness of the implementation at the school with high rate of graduates who can get a job and receive good evaluation from businesses. The project also expands this method on other different sectors in Thu Duc College of Technology and other schools.

Some photos taken at the conference:

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly - Mr. Tran Van Nich - Ms. Tran Thi Mai Yen

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