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[Post: 12/06/2017]
Last May 06, representatives of Taiwan companies and universities had a meeting with TDC students to share and introduce programs for students who want to work and study at the same time in Taiwan.

At the meeting, Mr. Tạ Minh Huy – Former President of Taiwanese Business Association, General Director of Kim Lap Joint Stock Company, Ms. Vu Kieu Hung – Educational Advisor of Department of Education at Kaohsiung City’s Government Office, Representative of Changhua National University (Taiwan) and Representative of Minghsin University of Science and Technology (Taiwan) introduced, shared the information about job opportunities at Taiwanese companies and the program of recruiting students who can study and work at the same time to TDC students. The programs focus on senior year students in such majors as English, Tourism, Business Administration, Mechanical Engineering, Electricity – Electronics and Automation. With this program, students who graduate from Thu Duc College of Technology will have opportunities to study in Taiwan with the tuition fees sponsored by companies. After finishing the training program at the university, students will sign a formal labor contract with companies and work as a managerial staff. Students in this program will also commit to work for the companies for a certain period of time.

Representatives of companies and Taiwanese universities also received and answered many questions from TDC students at the end of the program.

TDC students attending the program
Representative of Minghsin University of Science and Technology introducing the educational program

Students questioning at the program.

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