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[Post: 28/03/2013]

On 23 rd March, 2013, in collaboration with Youth Office, Science and Technology Department, Thu Duc College of Technology organized auto racing programming competition - TDC Car Rally 2013 for students at college and intermediate professional level in group 1.
Being the host unit, Thu Duc College of Technology has expanded the contest to invite in many schools so that students have the opportunity to interact, learn and exchange knowledge about embedded programming and create interest in learning about embedded systems research in particular and science in general.
There are 14 teams from 7 units (each team consists of two members). Each team has to pass 2 round. Round 1, teams must complete removable structural parts of the car and examined the functions of the car, check the vehicle in a straight line, curve as request. But in the second round, the teams are divided by drawing before. Then, the vehicles are installed the software to run on the track. During driving, the cars are not allowed to star 5 times in 1 turn. Besides, teams do not interfere with the software during the competition, only correct hardware.
For over 5 hours from qualifying to the final competition, the teams have devoted audience really dramatic and attractive play. Four teams CT1 (Cao Thang Technical College), LTT2 (Ly Tu Trong College of Engineering), TD1 and TD2 (Thu Duc College of Technology) entered dramatic round to determine the winner. In spite of the procedures between the two teams of TDC, TD1 and TD2 also show attraction until the last minute. The third and forth is TD2 and TD1. And dramatic climax of the competition is the game between CT1 and LTT2. Constantly having trouble on the last race that seems unable to complete the race, but both teams have to chase is spectacular. CT1 wins the first prize to the finishing line in the 107 seconds. And team LTT2 receives second prize to the touch line just after four seconds.
The team NSG1 (Nam Saigon Technical and Professional College), CT2 (Cao Thang Technical College), PL2 (Phu Lam College of Economics), LTT1 (Ly Tu Trong College of Engineering) got encouraging prize. In assembling content, CT1 got first prize and  second and third are TD2 and NHCT (Nguyen Huu Canh Technical Economics).
Here are some photos of TDC Car Rally 2013:

  The competition

  Mr Nguyen My Phi Phung - Vice president of TDC states the opening.

The board of TDC send gift and flag to the representative of school attendant

 The board of examiner are checking the components.

 The winding race

Present to the winner

The competition has created a place for embedded programming and wake up the passion fro scientific research of students.

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