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[Post: 30/09/2013]
Friendship Medal and the Appointment of President and Vice President Ceremonies
On the morning of the 21st of September, the Friendship Medal and the Appointment of President and Vice President of Thu Duc College of Technology from 2013 to 2018 ceremonies were held. Various agencies, organisations, international institutions as well as TDC staff and lecturers were present.

The event received much attention from agencies and organizations in the industry. Over the past 30 years of TDC’s development there has been constant development and creation of dynamic and creative teaching methods which have facilitated the academic achievements of TDC’s students today.

Having worked with the college since its early days, The Jung Hae Welfare Assocation and TDC have developed a strong relationship. Over the past 20 years the Association has greatly contributed to TDC and Vietnamese education in general. Mr Lee Choung Bum, former chairman of the Jung Hae Welfare Assocation, was honored to receive the Friendship medal from the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This prestigious award is given at the state level to foreign individuals and groups that have made great contributions to develop and strengthen ties between Vietnam and countries around the world.

A speaker at the medal ceremony, Mr Lee Choung Bum was touched by the sentiment held by both the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and TDC. With profound sincerity he announced he will continue to contribute to educatin in Vietnam. He declared his intention to promote the establishment of a strong Vietnamese- Korean relationship involving cultural and language exchanges and encourage the conservation of this relationship into the future.

On the same morning, TDC officially announced the appointment of its new principle and vice principle, serving a five year term beginning in 2013. Accordingly, from the 1st of Septeber 2013 Ms Nguyen Thi Ly, former vice principle of TDC, had held the position as Principle and Ms Pham Ngoc Tuong, former manager of the Human Resources department, as Vice-Principle.

Ms Nguyen Thi Ly expressed profound thanks for the support of the TDC community. In their new positions, Ms. Ly and TDC’s staff will implement effective methods to obtain the objectives set at the beginning of the new school year.

Dr Nguyen Toan, former principle of TDC expressed thanks to his staff, school departments and school leaders who have supported him and assisted him in his work over the past 30 years. Dr Toan’s outstanding contribution to TDC is undeniable and has inevitably aided TDC to reach its current standards. Dr Nguyen Toan will continue to contribute to Vietnamese education as a teacher.

Representative of the HCMC Department of Education, Mr. Le Hong Son acknowledged TDC’s efforts in linking with foreign organisations and enterprises in order to provide high quality training to students and meet demands of society. He also expressed his congratulations to Ms Nguyen Thi Ly and Ms Pham Ngoc Tuong, commending the inevitable success of TDC in the future.

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