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[Post: 12/05/2014]
French-Vietnamese Video Conference on Competency-based Approach to Training 
As part of the cooperative program under Project of Competency-based Training in Supermarket Management and Stock Management funded by Association for the Promotion of Education and Training Abroad (APEPE – Kingdom of Belgium) and implemented by TDC for the past 2 years to promote the vocational training efficiency, offer more career opportunities to students and foster the sharing of resources between countries and French-speaking community, delegation of TDC lecturers has participated in a training course in competency-based approach to training in Hanoi from 23 to 25 April 2014, as well as attending the Ceremony of Transfer of Supermarket Management Materials held by Ministry of Education and Training.

On 23 April 2014, lecturers of TDC Faculty of Business Administration and those of participating colleges and schools have watched 3 video clips of French lecturers’ sample teaching periods  based on competency-based approach (each clip lasting from 20 to 25 minutes); all of which were contacted and coordinated by a French expert – Thierry Lefeuvre.
Lecturers are watching video clips of sample teaching 

All of the lecturers participating in the training session have watched 3 video clips one by one and have discussed the way of producing such clips, the teaching period’s layout, prepared materials, methods, time allocation… with the French expert. After the discussion, all lecturers and the French expert have participated in the video conference with lecturers having conducting the teaching periods to exchange ideas about the syllabus design, methods applied by lecturers, time limit of a teaching period, and class arrangement...  All the given questions were clearly and thoroughly answered by French lecturers, which helpfully fostered the learning and experience sharing between lecturers of participating colleges and schools. 
 Lecturers and experts participating in French-Vietnamese video conference 

In the morning of 24 April 2014, TDC lecturers attended the ceremony of transfer of supermarket management materials (competency-based approach) between Ministry of Education and Training and international partners. Particularly, present at the ceremony were Mr. Pham Vu Luan – Minister of Education and Training; Mr Luc Moitroux – REG 100 Program Administrator; Ms Tran Thi Mai Yen – Director of CREFAP; Mr. Thierry Lefeuvre; representatives of Department of Vocational Training, colleges, vocational schools…
Transfer of supermarket management materials (competency-based approach) for vocational training level between Ministry of Education and Training and international partners.  

Master Nguyễn Thị Lý – TDC President ( 5th from the right) posed for a souvenir photo with the Minister and other colleges’ and schools’ leaders 

 TDC’s representatives at the ceremony 

In the afternoon, Mr. Hoang Ngoc Vinh – Department Head of Vocational Training had a meeting with colleges’ and schools’ leaders participating in the project to hear their reports on the training and implementation of Supermarket Management in the upcoming future as well as contributed practical advice and proposals in order to help colleges and schools deal with their difficulties.  

On 25 April 2014, at the office of Ministry of Education and Training, lecturers of participating colleges and schools had a training session with Mr. Thierry Lefeuvre concerning the textbook compilation for the project. The French expert have provided details of each textbook, notified the receiving time of textbook translation, and the time of completion and publication. He also reminded lecturers of several necessary points to notice as they would take part in the compilation of the last 3 textbooks of Supermarket Management in conformity with the competency-based approach.    

 Thierry Lefeuvre – the French expert – is meeting 9 lecturers participating in
the textbook compilation.  
Lecturers of TDC Faculty of Business Administration at the training session

(Phòng Thông Tin Thư Viện)

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