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[Post: 21/10/2014]
In the afternoon of 14 October 2014, Center for Human Resources Training & Corporate Relations of Thu Duc College of Technology (TDC) in coordination with the City’s Student Assistance Center organized a field trip for 30 students majoring in Business Administration to visit Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company. The field trip was to familiarize students with the company’s real working environment and production process.

TDC’s students on the field trip at Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company

The question of how to narrow the gap between the College and Enterprises has still been a tough challenge. In recent years, the College has make endless efforts to built up many training programs, exchanging and cooperation plans with enterprises within the City and neighboring provinces in order to create favorable conditions for students to approach and be familiar with the real working environment.  At Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company, the students not only learned about the corporate history and the production lines and participated in amusing games but also attended a meeting where they could impose direct questions for the corporate representative.  As a corporate representative, Mr. Le Van Hung – Head of Marketing Department – wholeheartedly shared his interesting and valuable experience with the visiting students.   

In the forthcoming future, TDC would have more field trips for students of other majors at Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company. 

Some photos of the field trip:

Students were provided with safety helmets before visiting the production line. 

At the meeting with the corporate representatives 

In a photo taken with the corporate representatives 

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