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[Post: 07/10/2014]

In the afternoon of 24 September 2014, the management of TDC had a welcoming meeting with representatives of Macquarie University – Australia. The visit was made with the aim of learning more about the College and considering opportunities for training cooperation with regard to the major of Information Technology. 

At the meeting with representatives of Macquarie University

Representatives of Macquarie University – consisting of Mr Daniel McGill, Engineering Program Manager and Ms Yoko Kaitani, Director-in-charge in Vietnam – also visited several classes and had talks with students of Faculty of Information Technology to work out their desires and wishes for a feasible bilateral cooperation plan.  

Speaking at the meeting, Master Nguyen Thi Ly - the College President, also expressed her wish to gain access to training programs of developed countries to facilitate the process of heading for a Southeast Asia standard college as approved by the Prime Minister. For the time being, a number of foreign training cooperation programs have been implemented by the College and have brought about certain positive outcomes. 

Photos taken during the meeting with representatives from Macquarie University:

Mr Daniel McGill- Engineering Program Manager- was visiting and talking with IT students

Representatives of both entities posed for a photo after the meeting.
Master Nguyen Thi Ly – the College’s President (03rd from the right) 

Representatives of Macquarie University: Ms Yoko Kaitani (left) and Mr Daniel McGill (right) 
are deeply impressed by the College’s training objectives: Ethics – Knowledge – Skills. 

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