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[Post: 05/04/2013]

In the morning of April 02, 2013, Thu Duc College of Technology welcomes representative of 11 Chinese vocational colleges to visit and exchange information. There is Party Committee, the board of school, heads of department and center in TDC attend the meeting.  
The purpose of the visit is to exchange and discuss issues which related to the curriculum of the school. Since then, the program aims to link training and student exchanges in the future. This is a significant activity in the process of expanding international exchanges and cooperation of Chinese vocational colleges in particular and  others on over the world in general.
The meeting is warm, friendly and solemn as well. Good coordination and logistics has pleased the representatives of other schools in this visit.
In the end of the meeting, on behalf of Thu Duc College of Technology, Dr. Nguyen Toan- president has presented a gift and took photograph with the group. After the meeting, the special guests are guided TDC tour to present the facilities and teaching activities in school. This visit is promised to open a new page in the process of promoting and expanding international relations as well as the teaching and training quality of TDC. /.
Pictures of the meeting:

The meeting in Hall B

Thu Duc College of Technolgoy gave present and took pictures with the group.

The visitor is experiencing the teaching model of TDC.
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