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[Post: 22/12/2014]
In the afternoon of 19 December 2014, management of Thu Duc College of Technology (TDC) held a welcoming meeting with representatives of Myong Ji College (Korea) on their visit to the College to exchange views on job training programs conducted between the two organizations.

The meeting between TDC and Myong Ji College (Korea)
At the meeting, representatives of both colleges have discussed and exchanged views on future cooperation plans to create favourable conditions for students from both colleges to exchange and learn from each other. The similarities in both colleges’ training programs have brought about great conveniences for both parties to implement the specific and long-term cooperation plans. TDC has expressed its wish to establish a cooperation relationship with Myong Ji College in the future to create more opportunities for the students as well as TDC’s leading majors (IT, Mechanicals) to learn from and access to advanced programs in Korea.

Master Pham Ngoc Tuong – TDC’s Vice President (left) – offered a souvenir gift to the representatives of Myong Ji College
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