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[Post: 14/11/2013]
In the morning of November 09th, 2013 Thu Duc College of Technology solemnly celebrated Summary 2012-2013 school year and opening 2013-2014 and honored the best graduates in 2013 at hall H. This is a significant event to start the new school year.
The event received much attention of Ministry of Education and Training , Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, Department of Education and Training, representatives of associations , enterprises, colleges and university, retired staff, TDC staffs and parents of students … especially international guests are Mr. Lee Choung Bum – Former chairman of Jung Hea Welfare Association, Mr. Seo Jeong Il – representative of Asung Vina Company.

Ms. Pham Ngoc Tuong - Party Secretary , Vice President presented Summary 2012-2013 school year and enrollment 2013-2014 school year. By the way, she congratulated the best students and new students. She hoped that students, staffs of TDC will try their best to develop the school and be worthy with the expectation of industries and society.
At the ceremony, Nguyen Thi Ly – President has awarded diplomas to 13 best students who are representatives more than 1.000 graduates. Simultaneously, she and Mr. Lee Choung Bum have awarded flowers and medals for the students.
Traditional flag ceremony between graduate and new student took place in a moving and dignified. Tran Huynh Hiep – valedictorian represented more than 1.000 graduates awarded traditional flag – symbol of the will, strength and determination in study of TDC to Thai Thi Phuong Nhe – new student who represents more than 2.600 new students. 
At the ceremony, TDC awarded 20 scholarships for poor students and 07 scholarships for female students who study technology from Intel Company. Simultaneously, the school board also received scholarships from donors, the sponsors, your agencies, domestic and foreign businesses who give their hands in education role.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Ha Huu Phuc - Deputy Director Ministry of Education and Training in Southern appreciated the achievements and growth of the College of Technology Duc for over 30 years. This is considered a good model for education and training. In the future, along with the continuation of the promotion of the achievements and objectives of management innovation, improve the quality of education should be top priority. In addition, TDC need to train high-quality teachers, passion in teaching, approach new methodologies and update information in teaching.
Nguyen Thi Ly - MA Rector well noted the direction of Dr. Ha Huu Phuc.

Photos of the ceremony:

The board of the school sent flowers and medal for the sponsors.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly send beautiful flowers to Mr. Ha Huu Phuc.

The best students Tran Huynh Hiep sent flowers to Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly - President.

Thai Thi Phuong Nhi - new student 2013

Tran Huynh Hiep - the best student 

Mr. Lee Choung Bum - Former chairman of Jung Hea Welfare Association

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