Vietnam – Korea cultural exchange program at TDC

International Relations

Thu Duc Colelge of Technology (TDC) received a student delegation from Induk University for an exchange program in the beginning of January 2020. TDC and IU students participated together in cultural and volunteer activities. During two weeks in Vietnam (05-18 January 2020), The Korea Festival host by TDC Faculty of Korean Language brought the audience impressive performances of K-Pop, Teakwondo, traditional folk games, and cultural characteristics of the two nations. Further, students of the two institutes contributed together to the social work through meaningful activities of giving orientations for children and painting wall pictures at kindergardens in Districts 9 and Thu Duc in Ho Chi Minh City. In a welcome speech in the Korea Festival, President Nguyen Thi Ly expressed her special thanks to IU for the collaboration in facilitating the exchange program for the sake of the students and looked forward to eye-witnessing more achievements in the coming years. 

TDC President Nguyen Thi Ly and delegation leader Choi Joonkee in a gift exchange ceremony

A group photo of TDC administrative members and Korean delegates

 (Source: Media and Admission Consultant Center)